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Your child is safe in our care.

PDAA is a group of Board Certified Anesthesiologists specializing in pediatric anesthesia using the highest safety standards that provide pediatric sedation for dental procedures in your area. We also have child-friendly nurses that make your experience comfortable and answer your every question. Through our network of top dentists, we provide comfortable and effective anesthesia for young children as well as specialize in treating those with special needs like autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD and other disabilities.

Dental health is important and sedation can make the treatment process and experience easier for the patient, the parents, and the dentist. We commonly provide anesthesia in dental offices for the following procedures: Exams, cleanings, extractions, space maintainers, Tooth Fillings, Crowns and Other treatments and procedures as needed

PDAA is committed to delivering the best in patient safety.

Some of our advantages include:

  • Our physicians are board certified anesthesiologists trained specifically in pediatric anesthesia.
  • We are certified by risk managers annually and adhere to the same safety standards as hospital sedation practices.
  • In 10 years of practice, we have had no incidents of injury to patients.
  • We have been selected to perform anesthesia in over 150 dental offices across three states because of our experience, expertise and safety record.

We understand the needs of our patients and work hand-in-hand with our network of dentists to ensure a smooth and simple procedure for all involved. If your child or loved one needs to receive dental treatment, but you’re apprehensive about scheduling because of your concern for the process and experience, we can help.

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